Migrate E9 to E10 (Error)


Hi Forum!

I’m actually working on the migration of our old E9 database to E10. After following the steps in the migration guide, I launch the process and it fails after approximatively 5 hours.

E9 Setup:

  • ProgressDB 10.2A SP03 TF29 B1390
  • Epicor 9.05.702A

E10 Setup:

  • SQL Server 2016
  • Epicor 10.2.500.10

Here’s the error that I get:

Errors prevent continuation… Exception Message: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
Exception Stack Trace: at System.DateTimeParse.Parse(String s, DateTimeFormatInfo dtfi, DateTimeStyles styles)
at System.Convert.ToDateTime(String value)
at Epicor.OpenEdgeMigration.DBMigrationReport.WriteSummary(OpenEdgeMigrationSetting _settings, String ReportName)
at Epicor.OpenEdgeMigration.DBMigrationReport.BuildDBMigrationreport(OpenEdgeMigrationSetting _settings, Logger logger)
at Epicor.DBMigration.OpenEdgeMigration.processTables(Boolean multithreaded, Boolean processBigTables)
at Epicor.DBMigration.OpenEdgeMigration.ExecuteMigration()

at Epicor.DBMigration.OpenEdgeMigration.ExecuteMigration()
at Epicor.MigrationModel.DBMigrationProcess.Run()
The total execution time is 316,2007 minutes.

According to the progression log, it processes1983 tables before failling.

I verified each of the DataTransferError file and I can’t find anything related to a date…

Is there any log more explicit that could help me find the issue?

Is there anything that I should verify?


Have you run the Data Scrub scripts on the E9 database? It’s been a while but I recall it would identify any issues that would come up in the conversion and then you would request ‘fixes’ from support.

The cloud upgrade service Epicor offers takes care of all these issues and was one of the best purchases we made when moving from E9 Progress to E10 SQL.


Chris is right here. You will spend far more time and effort doing this yourself. They have done it hundreds of times and know all the pitfalls.

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Thanks for your answer.

Never heard or read about Data Scrub Script. Is there any documentation on this?

For the upgrade service, in fact, we are already running E10. We started from scratch. Now, we just want to migrate the data to be able to shutdown our old server.


This usually happens when we convert dates from a string format that is not valid to the current system format.

For example trying to convert 09/30/2021 using DD/MM/YYYY

I’m guessing you should not have this error today since 10/01/2021 can be converted using either dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy and it seems to be only when generating some kind of summary report from text file ProgressToSQLMigration_TableStatistics.txt

I recall requesting it from support. They would require version info from the DB, server, etc and return a zip file with several .r files to run against E9. You would then forward them the results and receive fixes for the conversion issues that were identified. It’s been 4 years since we’ve migrated so I really don’t know if they are still offering this as an option.