Migrating to Kinetic from Epicor 10.2

I am in the process of preparing documentation for migrating from Epicor 10.2 to Kinetic.
Is there any place I can find documentation on that has any insights into some of the things encountered during migration, the pros and cons of the cloud vs classic and any information that can at least give me some insight into what I am getting into.

II have seen some responses on this forum, some of them have been very helpful, but I need something from someone who has gone through the process.


What are you looking for? Your question is a bit vague as everyone’s customizations are sort of unique.

Is it base upgrade process? Epicor has a solid document that can help with the installation and updates to the database.

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This is a basic upgrade. I want to find out some of the experiences people have had when they upgraded to Kinetic? Most specifically what are their experiences on on-prem and the cloud. Pros and cons of each. What are few good things about the cloud and same with on-prem and what are the things that are not so good about the cloud and on-prem.
Thank You

ERP Analyser is your friend… That will give you a solid start… If you don:t have a login to the Upgrade services site then you:ll have to contact your CAM.

As @knash mentioned there are some documents on Epicweb that will help, got both on-prem and Cloud.

As far as customisations go, if you have any, then some of the namespace changes may be Big breakers, but fixable.


I have already run the Analyzer and I have the reports. I’m just trying to find the pros and cons of cloud vs prem.

As @askulte mentioned, if you search this forum, you will find many conversations that are still quite accurate. Here’s one example.