Missing transaction in bank statement processing

I have an issue with a transaction showing up in my ledger, but not in the bank statement processing. Originally, it was entered as a journal entry but I reversed it and used the bank adjustment function.

On a side note - I wanted to use the bank transfer function, but for some reason that wouldn’t work. Not sure if the other bank account I was transferring from wasn’t set up to do transfers because I have used transfers with this account and a third bank account.

Any thought or assistance would be helpful. I am trying to do a group of months at one time as we are behind on doing the recs within Epicor. They’re done in Excel - just trying to get everything on the system.

I also am unsure if I really should do them as they don’t reconcile to the ledger, just the bank statement. I have seen other comments on here about that and “why bother”?

Also, has anyone seen WIP transactions running through the AP Clearing account? I thought that that account is just for inventory receipts and AP…

Thank you,

Do you need any assistance on these?


I will need help with this, but I will need to put it off until next month.

Quick question – should I try reversing out the entry and reentering it?




Hi Ray

JV entry don’t show up in Bank processing. Generally, we should restrict all bank and cash GL in manual JVs.

You did the right thing by reversing the JVs and adjusted through bank adjustment.

I am happy to assist whenever you need.

Kind Regards
S Rakesh