Missing wpw3 process when debugging BPM in visual studio

Hi all, I recently started to learn how to debug BPM in visual studio. I followed one YouTube video, here I attached one screenshot from the video.

But when I did the 7 step, I can’t find wpw3.process in my local company, even I checked a box in VS says view all users process. Actually I was able to see this process in our server machine.

My Epicor vision is 10.1.400.4, and VS is community 2017
Did I miss something to select wpw3? How can I start wpw3 process in my local computer? Thanks in advanced.

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On the server try the command and see if you get the process.



I got the process ID, but then when I attach it to Visual studio, the break point will not hit. I think it maybe because of Visual Studio 2017. Next thing I will try is Visual studio 2015.

Updated… if the breakpoint doesn’t hit, try the steps in the doc on page 803

VisualStudioDebug.pdf (882.3 KB)

Are trying to debug custom code? if you are it might be easier to use linqpad.

Here’s a useful post

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