Modifing Part Setup to user can only add 'New Warehouse'

A client wants their storeman to be able to add warehouses to existing parts - but that is the only function they require him to do.

I have customised the Part Maintenance Screen so it only shows the required fields.

The issue I’m faced is that the user can still go ‘New’ and create a new part from this form. Can I modify the menu for this form, so the only ‘New’ function available is ‘New Warehouse’? I haven’t been able to find any examples of this.

Alternative ideas welcome - Thanks in advance - Jason

An updatable dashboard would work. You could make it only load existing parts, but add able to add new warehouses.

Thanks Calvin,

I went down the path of updateable dashboard and client is happy. Had some fun with Updatable field that wasn’t in the PartWhse table - but post from another topic solved that one using Constants.CurrentPlant.

We did something similar and to prevent some users from adding new records we put security on the method so only the people allowed to create new part could and others could update or add warehouses.

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