Modifying SSRS Report with Report Builder 3.0 NOT using server

I’m fairly new to the “backside” of Epicor… I had a little training session a few weeks ago on how to modify existing reports and I’m feeling as if maybe I didn’t take good enough notes or that I’m completely missing a step because something is working… I go into Report Style Maintenance --> click ReportID and select the report I want --> move to the Styles tab --> select the report style in the tree on the left --> click Actions --> select Copy Report Style --> I rename the Report Folder Name by just adding my initials to it --> click Copy --> I then select my copied report in the tree on the left --> click Actions --> select Download SSRS Report --> I choose Documents as the folder to download the report structure to --> a window pops up saying that the following reports have been downloaded --> I open Report Builder 3.0 --> choose to open a saved report --> select my newly downloaded report --> do my modifications (just for testers, all I modified was the text color on a couple of fields) --> save my modifications --> go back to Report Style Maintenance --> click Actions --> select Upload SSRS Report --> ERROR!!!

That’s when I get my error… It says Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users*mycomputername*\Documents\Reports\CustomReports\PackingSlip-KLC\reports\CustomReports\PackingSlip\PackSlip.rdl

Am I missing a step or something???

Thank you!

I think I figured it out.

When uploading, don’t select the PackSlip-KLC folder to upload from.

Instead select the C:\Users*mycomputername*\Documents folder.

the upload is looking for the “root” folder that the \Reports\CustomReports\.... is in.

After choosing my “My Documents” folder and clicking OK, I get:



Thanks for posting this Calvin - that was exactly my issue

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