Moving from Epicor ERP to P21

Couldn’t agree more, this is why I love this group.

I think that’s pretty general - but it’s an incredible framework for modelling your processes.

Again though, processes first…

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yes to all. We’ve pared it down so fulfilment jobs have 3 standard ops

  1. pick
  2. backflush shop supplies
  3. assemble

and then shipments use SOPL

And manufacturing is more individual with punch, bend, shear, subcontract, etc

where there’s multiple subassemblies we use code to roll up the operations at execution time so users only touch eaxh job once.

Steve, would you have a moment sometime next week to chat with me and someone way more involved on the process side of our operations?

We’d love to hear and learn from you about your procedures and Epicor transactions/customizations/implementation.

sure, drop me a line at

No worries,
My P21 know how is not up to date, but feel free to contact me and I try my best. (the au indicates we might not be in the same time zone :wink:

Good evening, everyone,

Just to update you on the process. We are currently going to recommend to the management team to move forward with:

  1. delay the move forward with Kinetic for the new company
  2. Have a full review of Prophet 21 for the needs, as it is believed to be the best go forward solution.
  3. Supper high level budget based on previously provided pricing and estimate on SOW time.

Meeting is tomorrow at 11:00 est and I will provide an update.

Thank you for your feedback and assistance.


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So, at this point management is wanting to stay with Kinetic. If we do open to discussion again, it could be Kinetic, P21 or JDA Edwards as our parent company uses that.

Thank you all for your input as it was helpful.