MRP and Purchase Suggestions

Running 10.1.500.10

This is perhaps a very silly question, but here goes… I have been going through the MRP Technical Reference Guide because we are trying to figure out why we are not getting the PO Suggestions that we think we should get.

In the Guide (p. 25), under Regenerative Logic, it lists the record types created by MRP. Among them is Purchase Suggestions.

We run MRP in regenerative mode every night (it runs automatically). Does the Guide information mean that we do NOT have to generate PO Suggestions in the morning (currently, each buyer runs her own manually).

And … by running the generate PO Suggestions process, are we undoing any of what MRP did the night before? Would generating new suggestions somehow remove the old ones?



MRP runs the ‘Generate Suggestions’ after it has created the unfirm jobs.

Technically, you are undoing the ‘Generate Suggestions’ done by MRP, but it shouldn’t matter as the same suggestions should be generated again.

In summary, yours buyers shouldn’t need to rerun ‘Generate Suggestions’ in the morning. It is useful and also quite quick (compared to a full MRP run) to run generate suggestions, if there has been significant change in job demand.

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Thanks. That was my take, but I wanted confirmation…

Here are some reasons why you may not be SEEING the suggestions:

  1. The users are not “Authorized users” for the buyers that the suggestions were created for (check the default buyer for authorized users)
  2. if the material on the job is “Purchase Direct”, then suggestions for that material will not show until the job is FIRM.
  3. The part is not marked properly as purchased.

Also, check the Time Phase for the material in question. if you see suggestions there, then they exist, even if the buyer cannot see them.

As others said, “Generate PO Suggestions” is not necessary after running MRP. The only reason that this exists as a separate process is so that you can run it again half way through the day for any firmed jobs, (or if you don’t use the full MRP processing).

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@timshuwy nailed it :slight_smile:

Just an FYI - I have seen some differences in the output when running Generate PO suggestions separately from a full MRP run. This was in V8, but several weaknesses I have seen in 8 still exist in 10.

Easy enough to check, but I wanted to throw that out there.