MRP and Unfrm jobs Bug - FYI 10.1.600.30

Just wanted to share a bug in EPICORs code for MRP

We have the Prefix of UF on our MRP unfirm jobs.

We created jobs manually with the prefix of UFD-XXXXX

When we run Regen MRP and now netchange, MRP is trying to delete the unfirm jobs. But OUR UFD job has shipped and been closed.

This job should not try to be deleted by MRP. This is a flaw in EPICORS code. UFD is the initials of our customer. FIRM jobs should not be deleted by MRP.

07:17:39 Group -> Load; Check Group -> ; Repeat -> False; Regen Only -> False; Finite -> False

07:17:39 ------------------------------------------------------------

07:17:39 Starting sub-processes

07:17:39 Scheduling Jobs…

07:17:39 Last Job: UFD-0802297 with Unfirm Prefix: UF must be followed by numeric values.

07:17:39 at Ice.Publisher.AssertNoBLExceptions() in C:_Releases\ICE\3.1.600.30\Source\Framework\Epicor.Ice\Exceptions\Publisher.cs:line 143

at Erp.Internal.MR.MrpExp.mrp(Boolean p_net, String p_plist, Nullable1 p_cutoff, String p_reqtype, Nullable1 MRP_DEBUG_ON, String ipPartList, String ipPartClassList, String ipProdGrupList, List1 ttMrpProcRows, List1 ttMrpQueueRows) in

what version of E10? Have you reported it to support?


There has to be a clear sentence for me to post.