MRP Change Suggestions not generated

Ever since going live with E.10 … current 10.2.300.7, I receive complaints that MRP does not generate Change Suggestions consistently. I have been unable to determine what is tripping it up to not suggest them, as most of the time the suggestions DO come across.

The one I am looking at today:
Stock Part with a zero on-hand minimum.
Planning time fence = 5, Reschedule out = 5, Reschedule in = 5.
On the Job, the quantity and scheduling ARE NOT LOCKED. The demand IS NOT make-to Job.

Time Phase shows:
a demand for 2.
The Replenishment Job is for quantity 4.

Why would we not be told to reduce the job to quantity 2.


Is the job due to start within 5 days? We do not use Planning time fence, but from the definition, it looks like you would not get change suggestions on job to start within 5 days…


Thank you Nancy … I will test that tomorrow, but my inclination is that you are correct.