PO Suggestion Dates are too early


We are starting to use PO Suggestions and had our Purchasing Team work to set up all the proper MOQs, Multiples, Safety Stock, etc… We are seeing that PO Suggestion is giving the correct quantities but it is always trying to bring in Parts before they are actually needed. Below is an example of Time Phased with the Suggestions on and the off. Any ideas of where we can start to look for incorrect settings? Thank you!

Does the demand for the item properly reflect your plan to supply the item? Do you have unmet demand inside the item’s lead time? What does the schedule look like for the parent item? The suggestions will line up with the plan for the parent that is needed to meet demand. “Early” is relative. Early to what?

Hello Gil and thank you for the quick reply. Based on the second screenshot that shows Time Phase with the Suggestions flag unchecked, we see that we don’t start going negative until the Job that starts on 10/16/20 for this particular part. So based on the Lead Time that we have specified and some of the other parameters we would expect a PO Suggestion that would bring the Part in a few days before 10/16/20. However the PO Suggestion that is given brings the Parts in on 8/04/20 (2 months before it is actually needed).

Check the Receive time on the part. its on the site > planning tab of part maintenance.
its also found on the part class so you can check there too.

Hello Craig,

In both places the Receive Time is set to 0

All of the PO suggestion calculations and fields are in the MRP tech Guide. A lot of them are used in both processes as PO suggestions are a subset of MRP.
In the documents section of EpicWeb look for a document named like this one for your version. Epicor10_techrefMaterialRequirementsPlanning_102400

Thanks Greg… I’ll have a look

I notice there are three separate demands for Job U-00000000002. Qtys of 179, 360, and 540.

Is the part used in different sub-assemblies, and at different levels?

Run Generate Suggestions again as Regen and enter a Log File Name in the Log field and set the Logging Level to ‘Suggestions.’
After it is done running you can search for the Part number and it may provide the reasoning for these suggestions.

Thanks for having a look Calvin… i didn’t have the Jobs column expanded out all the way.

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Thanks Rick - I’ll try that. Our PO Suggestions is generated through running Process MRP. Should we be running the Generate PO Suggestions as well?

It doesn’t matter too much since PO Suggestions are included in the MRP run.
You can run PO Suggestions separately for this test if you would like, as it usually does not take as long as MRP. But if you are only running MRP, then you can set a log file and change it’s logging level to at least ‘MRP.’
(Just know that any Job scheduling changes to the MRP results since MRP ran will not line up with your PO Suggestions until Generate Suggestions is ran again. Depending on how much Job Schedules change from the MRP Job Suggestions, it could be an issue)

Hi Sal,

Your Last Schedule date, per below concerns me. I think you should try and run it with a dynamic date and see how your results come out from that.



Hi Nancy,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try that today and see what happens!


Running Generate PO Suggestions fixed the issue! Any reason why the Suggestions through MRP have gotten whacky? Do we need to run a process that we are not? MRP Recalc perhaps? We run Process MRP (Regen) every Tuesday and Friday
Thanks Rick!

You running Global Scheduling? If so, when in relation to MRP?
Or are you running Scheduling DURING MRP? Doing any Rough Cut Scheduling?
My guess is that when MRP is running it is determining Mtl demand on one date, then PO Sugg is creating the Suggestion for that, but then between that and the Buyer reviewing the PO Suggestions the Job’s are getting rescheduled causing the misalignment.