MRP Exception

What is the best way to troubleshoot an exception in the MRP log?

I have a few items that do not scheduled start and end dates on the job. These are always unfirm MRP jobs. I found them in the MRP log files and I get an IO Exception error saying See inner exception message, however, nothing else is logged for the error.

How would I best go about finding the cause of this problem?

Here is the MRP log for it:
03:15:47 Get Destination
03:15:47 Create Intersite Supply
03:15:47 Created new unfirm job:MRP00000005495 Quantity:121803033.
03:15:47 Created new unfirm job:MRP00000005495 Quantity:20.00000000.
03:15:47 Adding to job:MRP00000005495 Quantity:20.00000000.
03:15:47 Copying BOM from Part:121803033 Rev:0 to Job:MRP00000005495.
03:15:48 BPM runtime caught an unexpected exception of ‘IOException’ type.
See more info in the Inner Exception section of Exception Details.

I do have a Data Directive on SysTasks adding an operation and it includes some separate logging for that code. However, I see any code that would create an IOException.

Disable the BPMs you are aware of then run MRP again. Does the error still appear? If not, it is something with the BPMs in question.

After a day of troubleshooting I finally found the offending BPM, thank you for the advice.