MRP Information in Epicor 10

Hello Guys,

I am facing some regular issue in MRP. Parts come in Suggestion and sometime it doesn’t come and next day it comes. I had tried many way but couldn’t got… Base on this I had some query as below… Request if you can reply accordingly would be appreciable…

How does MRP decide which part is to be processed first? Is taking in consideration the nearest demand?

Can MRP make a simulation of the materials used based on the suggestions start date? As of now MRP sees that we have on hand a qty, one RM is used in multiple PN’s, MRP see that material available but in actual material is not enough to cover all suggestions *** In case is possible, which parts will be covered first, if there’s the same start date and RM and not enough material for all?

MRP logic, how is MRP processing the parts, starting with 1 PN and goes from level 0 to level xxx, or is processing all level 0, all level 1 and so on

Can MRP Logic be changed? Scrap and DMR qty’s can be taken in consideration by MRP?

MRP errors, what is the issue when MRP is ending with error

All reports linked to MRP running, how is MRP error or cancel translated into these reports?

How MLP affects MRP?

If it’s possible to take “Current Good Qty” from WIP and not the released qty when calculating new suggestions (planning workbench also related)

Possibility to exclude “the ends” where is not enough qty to cover the demand


That’s a lot of questions, not sure you’ll get much feedback.
I’m thinking you might want to start by checking out the MRP Tech Ref Guide (from the embedded Help you can save the PDF )
and/or changing the logging level when you are submitting MRP for processing?



MRP processes all items in the sequence of the Low Level code. This value can be found in the Part (or is it partplant) table. The field is called LowLevelCode…
It starts with all the ZERO level items (those items that have no parent). after all the zeros are planned, it moves to the level 1 items.
It must complete each level before moving onto the next level, otherwise the system will not know all the demands.

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