MRP Lead Time 'buffer'?

We’re trying to get a more automated scheduling system happening for our stocked subassemblies - some of these are driven by job demand, others have no scheduled demand and are driven simply by min. on hand values.
Demand driven subassemblies are easily handled through MRP, but our issue is with the ones driven only by MoH.
Once a part reaches its MoH, MRP (ran daily) creates a job suggestion with a Req By Date of today. Is there a way to have Epicor set that RBD realistically - obviously it takes time for a subassembly to be picked, assembled and received into stock.
I’ve tried playing with the production prep/kit/receive times, as well as the manufacturing leadtime values (this level/top level) all to no avail.
Every time MRP runs and a part has reached it MoH, the suggested job has a RBD of today - there’s no buffer to allow the process to actually happen.

*as a side note, based on previous experiences with other ERP systems, my current workplace is pretty unskilled with Epicor. There’s no training, limited in-house procedures…everyone is self-taught JUST enough to get them through their job requirements.
We’ve got maybe 2-3 people that would be considered ‘experts’ WITHIN the company who know how to create simple BAQs, dashboards and run DMT processes. Anything remotely challenging is outsourced, but that obviously costs money so I’m hoping someone here might be able to help out.

What happens when you alter the production prep/kit/receive time. What these should do is influence the start date on the job, not the required by date - that will remain as when they are required. Do you actually have any operations/time on the jobs to reflect the process - this will influence the start date as well - giving you more warning of when these parts will be required.

Hi James,
Altering the prep/kit/receive times alters the start date, yes, which if the required by date (set by the MRP process) is ‘today’, then the start date is moved into the past - an impossible task in reality.
I can only assume the issue I’m having is that because a part has reached its MoH, then the MRP sees it effectively as out of stock, so I must replenish immediately (today). For whatever logic reason, it can’t adjust that Required By Date to be tomorrow or next week (based on a user-defined leadtime/buffer), because it needs the stock NOW.
Whereas those parts that have demand, the system can forecast WHEN I will run out of stock and plan accordingly.

Is this the logic I am stuck with or have I overlooked a ‘buffer’ field somewhere?

On the company config screen, do you have “Allow scheduling in the past” on?


Hi Brad, after checking with our ‘keeper of secrets’…yes we do have that box checked because we often need to reschedule jobs that are already underway. This setting seems to allows us to reschedule those jobs without screwing up the schedule (ie. when unticked, we found many subassemblies inside jobs would all reschedule to the current date, rather than being spaced out based on their related operations).