MRP will not run (10.1.400.18)

Having trouble with MRP not running since our upgrade from 10.0.700 to 10.1.400.18. We have reported it to Epicor but it’s been three weeks now and no answers. Anyone have some tips or tricks to get it to run? It starts and instead of running through the part numbers quickly it sits at each part number for about 5-30 minutes (until timeout?) then continues on. It used to run in about 8 minutes total, now it can run for days and not complete.

How many MRP processes are you running. Have u looked at the MRP logs?

Just the one. We have requested the logs from Epicor EMS (we are hosted)

Scott Thompson
IT Manager/Webmaster

Advanced Wireless Communications

Definitely check your mrp settings per part, maybe you could set some
default values and run mrp on a single part with a small window

Seeing anything in the MRP logs?
Do you elevate the logging level? e.g. “MRP and Scheduling”

Can you run any of these processes?

  • Calculate Global Scheduling Order Process - Log Level Process and Scheduling
  • Global Scheduling - Log Level Process and Scheduling
  • Generate (PO) Suggestions - Log Level Suggestions