Multiple delivery addresses but no multi site licence

I’m looking to set up additional delivery addresses as we have five warehouses within the company that potentially accept goods in. We’re looking to avoid free-texting so the goods don’t end up in the wrong place and also because in general it leads to errors.

There’s no multi-site licence in place so I’m trying to find a work around, using warehouses, or possibly setting up the factories as suppliers/customers, but I’d like to avoid the latter.

Does anyone have any ideas on how we can do this relatively painlessly?


Add a UD field in PO Header and attach a Warehouse drop down for users to select. Make it as a mandatory field. Based on Warehouse code, populate the PO Header address using a BPM. This works for manual PO creation. But for POs created from PO suggestion, you may need to create one more BPM in PO Suggestion.

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Thank you, that makes sense and aligns with the other changes we are looking to make

Since the purchase order is already tied to a warehouse via PO Release. Instead of a new field, the PO header could be updated to with the address of the warehouse of the first line in a BPM. You may also want a BPM to prevent POs across warehouses.