Multiple Nested Tabs in Dashboard

I am trying to make a “dashboard” that features the ability to quickly review quotes/orders/jobs/shipments for a particular segment within our company. I want to be able to show high level views such as at the Order Header… but then I want to be able to subscribe to that with a query that displays the lines/releases, etc. OK. I know how to publish/subscribe. But what I would really like is for each tab (quotes/orders/jobs/shipments) to be divided into two views… it seems when I do a new query, I can’t ever get the view to stick inside of a tab. They just persist in every tab. Do I need to do this as a customization on a dashboard with an embedded dashboard or something goofy?

HI @dr_dan
just to be clear, you want to have two views inside of one tab window? like splitting the window in half?

Yes. Imagine I have 6 BAQs. I want 3 tabs each with a publish and subscribe window. Can I do that? I always get it stuck with a view that always shows up even when I click to a different tab.

@dr_dan I’m pretty sure you can,
However, it’s difficult getting the windows to snap together.
You have to nudge them together and eventually, they should snap-in the same tab.

Customization Layer is the only way I found to Hide/Show other panes.

Epicor Default Behavior for Dashboards:
Notice the Details Split is always there.

I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that. But I suppose I can play with that. Would that just be a matter of toggling visibility off on the other tabs?