Multiple Records From PartQty Table Per Part

I am curious to why I am getting multiple records per part for some components in the PartQty table. Looks like it has multiple UOMs but I am unsure of where this could be coming from. The part record displays the UOM of each, for Inventory,Purch, and Sales UOMs. It is also displaying different values for Demand and OnHand quantities which is weird. I checked and there are not multiple part records for these parts. Any ideas?! part MultRecord

I’m guessing the parts are in multiple warehouses.

One warehouse. I checked that as well.

Could it be that the UOM of that part was pk100, and then was changed to Each?
Is there any field with a qty for that pk100 row? if not maybe there is a data fix available from support to remove it…


The unique index is this:


So you’ve either got multiple Warehouses (not the case, as you’ve ruled that out) or you’ve got demand against multiple UOMs

Couple of places to check:

OrderDtl table:

select distinct(SalesUM)
from erp.orderdtl
where PartNum = 'your_part_here'

JobMtl table:

select distinct(IUM)
from erp.JobMtl
where PartNum = 'your_part_here'

Transfer Order table:

select distinct(OurStockQtyUOM)
from erp.TFOrdDtl
where PartNum = 'your_part_here'

Check if the part has Track Multiple UOMs set

Oh, duh, you have warehouse in the query pic. Is there a :walk away in shame: emoji?