Multiple Wireless Label Printers

Have any of you tackled this?

We are using Bartender to print labels with an auto print geninv label . Right now we have one wireless printer. We want to bring in more printers for different transactions. Mostly put away transactions from different areas of the shop. We utilize handhelds for these transactions already. What would be a good method to be able to force a label to print on a certain wireless printer? I know I could have a data directive forced by user. Is there any other way?

Personally, I tackled this using bartender and custom code to generate trigger files. I had code that detected available printers in Epicor, let the user select a printer, and the label template was based of a UD field on the Part.

Does the printer selection capability you developed work on the handhelds?


In my environment, we have about 4 Ship/Recv personnel who use their own Dymo LabelWriter 450 printer devices at each desk location (USB only; but can be set up as shared printers through the workstation [although we’d like to avoid that option]). Would the solution you’ve developed work for an arrangement like this, where each Ship/Recv worker could select any of those printers in their work area?

Might you be willing to share the technical details in your approach?

Unfortunately the short answer is no, you cant avoid the shared printer aspect. At least in my case, because I was using Bartender. Bartender has to have access to your printer.

With that said, you could use report styles and do it direct from Epicor, but that doesnt sound like a lot of fun maintaining all of the RDD, Report Styles, etc

Perhaps @hkeric.wci has done something like this?

@gregw Sorry I didnt even see your question until just now. Yes absolutely, as it is just some code that is embedded in the forms. HH forms, while different, are still just standard (pain in the ass) Epicor forms.

I did so many Labels and Printers, AutoPrint, BAMs and even Manually Code like Chris. It depends, perhaps you can use the “Resource Printer” Maintenance to redirect certain Operations to certain Printers… Perhaps you can create multiple Workstations and use AutoPrint?

The goold ol’ days of Barcoding…

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Chris, I was pulled off this project and put on something else. I am back at it now.

I want to create some custom code in a data directive for an auto print for PUR-STK transactions.

What I would like this code to do is prompt the user for label size and the number of labels to print and then execute the print job. We have two Zebra printers at the receiving workstation one for 6 inch labels and one for 12 inch labels.

We are using Bartender with a parttran data directive that works just fine for printing single labels to a specific printer. I just need a very simple user input that would allow a conditional to direct the job to the correct zebra printer along with a quantity of labels to print.

I was hoping to use a BPM form but from what I can tell, they cannot be used in a data directive.

I want to keep this simple. Do you have any code examples of something like this? I do not know enough about ICE etc to even be close to dangerous.