My Frideas Entry for 3/29/2024 - Create BAQ from SQL


Here is my Fridea today: Log In - Epicor Identity
If this intrigues you, please vote for it.
Thank you

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Shameless plug, but keep voting for this one if you find it useful:

Address Validation for all address | Epicor Kinetic Ideas Portal (

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I voted for this one on SQL to BAQ and would enjoy it a ton @timshuwy

Also, if anyone is using standard costing, I have this idea for an edit list for your costing workbench and what it would do to your GLs if you post it, just like pretty much every other accounting module/entry form has Make a Group Edit List for Costing | Epicor Kinetic Ideas Portal (

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Here is mine:

Add an option for a non shared instance of SQL Server for Cloud Customers.


Isn’t that what Enterprise Saas is (formerly known as Epicor Managed Services)?