Need template for customer contact import

Hi, I am trying to use the feature Customer/Contact import and I need a template. Tried to build one but does not work. Anyone would have a template to share.


Did you build it manually or based on help?

If you search for ‘import a contact csv’ in Help it will have a link to a required schema.


Tried to build it manually based on help but I think I don’t understand it.

I do not see a link in the help to a template.

Here is what I see when I click the link.

I have also attached a file with the requirements to build it manually. Not sure if it needs headers or not.

ImportCustomerContact.xlsx (11.1 KB)


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Thanks Ross I will check this out.

sorry to flog a dead horse… I have the same uncertainty here. It sounds like its a no header fixed format csv, ie every row should be delimited as if all the columns listed are present. But that’s pretty ugly… and methinks surely not?

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