New POLL feature in Epicor Ideas

Please check out the new POLL feature in Epicor Ideas… let us know what you think. This is only a poll about having a polling feature. (note… it is poll number 1)

Click on the link above… answer the poll, add any comments… we have NOT purchased this feature yet, but are looking into it as a way to get faster feedback for new features.


Doesn’t look like its accessible to customers - prompts to log into workspace but existing aha login doesn’t work.

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You are correct… since we are just turning on the feature, we had missed a step. It is now available for testing. I also corrected the link above to this: Epicor Kinetic Ideas


I can access it but I’m not sure I understand the purpose. When I click on the poll there isn’t any info and I can’t see the image. Its just a way to vote. As far as it goes . . . ok. I think the real question is how would it be used?

so, this was my first poll to understand what is possible… there are actually 3 different types of polls, and this is one of them.
The idea is that we can create a poll with multiple options, and allow customers to vote on the poll… so instead of just voting on “ideas” we can create a multiple choice idea for you to help define directions.


Here is another poll… maybe this will give you an idea of what this can be used for.

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Can you turn on so we can see the comments?

Interesting… I just looked and there isn’t an option to make comments visible (this is part of the Aha! platform that we are looking into).
There is a secondary option that I will also experiment with called “Empathy sessions” that allows for discussions. it doesn’t have a voting option. it DOES have scheduled sessions where you can discuss multiple attached IDEAS during the scheduled sessions. I have not figured out if it has a “demo mode” yet.

This is what it’s come to.

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I do like the concept though.

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OK… I am getting the idea of these polls… it does allow us to get general feedback within Epicor Ideas… I can also see when @josecgomez and @Banderson are funning with me and only voting a 4 on this poll: :wink:

I get it now. So a poll could be to further refine an idea, or perhaps to pit ideas against eachother (prioritization or mutually exclusive ideas). I like it!

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Is there a place to give feedback on polls? This one just doesn’t explain enough about how the idea would work to vote one way or the other. Epicor Kinetic Ideas

when you take a poll, there is a place that you can add a comment (if we enabled it, which I typically would do). Also… once we get started with Empathy sessions, there are other options for discussions and examples… we just haven’t gotten that far with the Empathy sessions.

Please tell me we can rename it :rofl: :sob:

It’s a real thing in the product world, Epicor didn’t come up with it. I would love Epicor to do empathy sessions with me, the agenda will be, let’s try to report a bug to support :joy:

you go with what the name is… Epicor Ideas uses AHA! as its platform… AHA! has Empathy sessions, so we get to use the same name… read about them here: