New to Scheduling - Setting up Resources

Good morning to you all!
I am diving head first into scheduling. I have been through the courses in the education section, and I am toying around with some settings in our pilot database. I need to setup a handful of similar resources.

We have a shop full of milling machines. They can all do the same job, so we assign all 10 of them to the same resource group. M4, for example. However, two of these milling machines also have a rotary table that allows them to perform additional operations beyond what the other 8 machines can do.

At first I figured I would just setup the two special machines as a separate resource group. Say, R1 for example. But this seems like it might be a problem. What if we don’t have any jobs with rotary table operations, and we want to use the R1 machines for their M4 capabilities? We have also considered setting up multiple resources within the resource group. I am not quite sure how this would work either.

Does this fall back to the engineer setting up the MOM to decide which resource group to use? Is there a better way to setup a resource that can be used in multiple ways like this? Can the scheduling tools choose one or the other resource based on what is available and what is required?

I appreciate any ideas you all may have.

If you have Advanced Scheduling module, you could use Capabilities to handle these types of situations. These are linked to Operations like Resource Groups or Resources. This could help, but, in those real exception situations you may need to define the exact resource(s) at the MOM level.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have the advanced planning and scheduling module.

Then you would likely be best to define the actual resource/resource group at the MOM level. This will give you the ability to ensure the proper resource(s) are being used in scheduling the job.

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You’ve given a perfect use case for capabilities.

Without APS, gut says you move the 2 special machines to their own resource group. This will make it much easier to schedule their specialized operations.

If/when the scheduling scenario arises where your standard machines are at full capacity, jobs can be manually scheduled to use the special machines as needed, or just run on those machines as needed (no change to actual schedule).


Is capabilities part of the APS module that we don’t have? If the case is compelling enough I might be able to get them to buy it. I like the option of setting the two special machines as their own RG. With our current installation, it seems like the easiest option. Thanks so much for your input!

Capabilities becomes available with APS (Advanced Panning and Scheduling). Instead of assigning an operation to a Resource Group or Resource, you assign a Capability.

Capabilities have their own setup table. In which you add individual resources to the capability. This allows the scheduling engine to pull resources from different resource groups as required. *When you add resources to the capability you can also rank them so that it will only scheduled lower ranking resources if the primaries are already at capacity.

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