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Hi all, We are currently using the “payment_generic” electronic interface to process our payments.

by using the EI our txt file is generated and working properly in 10.0.700… in the payment entry screen, we go to the Actions / process payment option, in the following screen we select the server printer and then check the “No printing” check box and click OK. That process triggers the EI to generate our txt file…

unfortunately in 10.1 there is no “No printing” check box. does anybody know something about it?

The ‘No Printing’ option was removed from the SSRS printer dialog as part of SCR 146445 which reworked the print dialog to address a number of shortcomings–part of which was to allow for “print” direct to email from a client-side perspective.

I am not familiar with the EI mechasim itself, but I suspect one way to mimic the same result in E10.1 would be configuring then selecting a null printer in your environment–nothing actually prints.

I do this by creating a Windows printer that prints to the NUL device. This is pretty straightforward though the specifics differ a bit between Windows versions: just create a local printer and specify NUL as the local port, “Generic” as the Manufacturer and “Generic / Text Only” as the printer model.
printing - How to print to a null printer in .NET? - Stack Overflow


Hi Ruben,

We use the SEPA EI in Germany and are moving to 10.2 from 10.0. We never had the option to No Print but we get a Remittance form now, and like Nathan said, it can be used to route (print or email) which might be kind of cool. Also, one could PDF the output and delete it…or not.

Mark W.

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Thank you both of you for your comments, I will give it a try with the “null printer”, having the remittance printed it´s kind of worthless as it is not required on our side… but if the null printer does not work… we will give it a try with the e-mail option…

Just finish testing this and indeed this do the magic…

Thank you!!!