Non-Stock Buy To Order/Make Direct Flag Based on Customer

We have inventory off site at a different company for a part we make.
They buy it from us wholesale.
They mark it up and resell it.
We sell it also and they drop ship it for us.

If I enter a sales order for this non-stock manufactured part the sales order release will default to make direct.
But if it is a sales order for any customer other than this one that manages our logistics for us I want it defaulted as Buy To Order and the dropship flag set and a supplier defaulted.

We will buy it and have it drop shipped at the wholesale price.

We can do all of this manually but it would be nice that if we enter a sales order for any part for a customer other than our logistics partner.

Is making a separate P/N out of the question?

Yeah we don’t want to have a separate part number.
I am thinking a BPM that when that release is created it looks to the customer.

That is a real problem, that the software doesn’t easily address… but I think you have several options.

  1. As someone already suggested, create two different part numbers. One purchased and one manufactured. This is probably the cleanest.
  2. a BPM… but this gets tricky, because you would have to decide which parts truly are flipped to purchase from someone rather than make.
  3. another “trick” would be to give the part a second “SITE”… the site would be there so you could distinguish different methods… your main site would be your current site, the alternate site would be the site where you mark it as Purchase. When placing the order, you would need to specify which "SITE you are selling from, which would then cause MRP to trigger the make, or the PO, depending on the site. I am pretty sure that this would work, but there are still some potential gotchas.