Not printing AR Invoices when alternate billing selected

How can I prevent printing AR Invoices that have alternate billing plans? Our large orders often have 50% down, 40% upon delivery, 10% at final installation, and we invoice our customers manually for those plans (as deposit payments, I believe).

We’ll do a Customer Shipment Entry for ‘BLDG’, and then we’ll go to A/R Invoice Entry > Get Shipments, select them, and then print them out. This creates invoices for the alternate billed ones too, and we don’t want those to get accidentally mailed to customers.

Does anyone else have a similar situation? How do you handle it?

I’d like to remove those from the print batch, but may settle for a BPM that warns that the order has alternate billing at Invoice Entry (maybe add a UD field on OrderHed?)

I haven’t explored the other transaction types yet (Project Billing, Progress Payments, or Fixed Fee). Maybe something there?

Thanks for the advice!

Can you filter them using Print Routing.
Create a print routing rule on your default report style, add a condition or filter to filter these out, the action should be User Action.

Have you tried using Advance Billing invoices.

You can create Advance Billing invoices for the 50 and 40%. Once shipment is done the final invoice will then be done through Get shipments. This invoice will show that 90% has already been invoiced earlier and only 10% is now due at whatever terms you agree upon.

Vinay Kamboj

@bderuvo - Thanks - That worked great! I had to add a new TermsCode ‘NET 30 - ADVANCED BILLING’. Since TermsCode is a part of the InvcHead data set, this was pretty easy! The normal invoices can still be Print Previewed, and the stifled invoices now get emailed.



@Vinaykamboj - Great idea! I’ll look into Epicor’s Advanced Billing capability as well. I forget why we chose not to do it. It sure beats manually creating invoices. If the customers are late on the first 50% or 40%, will the final invoice still be 10%, or will it be the open balance?