Notification When All Material Has Been Issued to a Job

I have been asked if a BPM can be created to notify our Programs department when all material has been issued to a job.

Before I started thinking through this request, I wanted to ask if anyone else has done something similar. If so, what did you do?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve done similar BPM’s before, not that specifically. I would do an in-trans data directive on the JobMtl table and check if the JobMtl.IssuedComplete field gets changed to “true”. Then you can use the “enable a standard directive” widget if that condition is met. Then you can make another data directive that’s “standard” that will check if the “directive has been enabled” by your first BPM in a condition widget. If true, then send an email with the send email widget.

EDIT: Sorry, this isn’t exactly what you were looking for, but it’s a start. You will also need a check to see if every other material has been issued to the job before you send the email. You could do this in a BPM query though, in the in-trans directive.

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This is exactly what I did to get this request resolved. Of course the request ballooned to include more data in the email, but starting with in-trans and going to standard was the correct path. Thanks!

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