Number of decimals showing in reports

We have our Company configuration set at 5 decimals for cost and price and 2 decimals for general. We did this to allow for more accurate purchase and mfg. cost prices. However we have noticed in 10.1.500 some SSRS reports will print 5 decimals instead of the normal 2 we have been accustom to in E9 with the same setup.

Assuming my only way around this is to modify base forms to show 2 decimals for any reports currently showing 5. It looks quite funky to show a sales order total as 1,260.17500 USD vs 1,260.75 USD as an example. Sales Order Acknowledgment is one that is currently showing 5 decimals. Seems inconsistent to have Invoices print base with 2 decimals for prices and sales order acknowledgements printing 5.

That is driven by the SSRS report. You need to right click on the field you want to edit and select Text Box Properties. Then go to the Number tab and check the way it is configured to show.

@jkane Thank you. Luckily I am familiar with customizing Crystal and SSRS reports but it seems silly to have to customize this for a report like sales order acknowledgements. Oh well, just something to add to the list to get done.


Please Log a ticket with support.


Is it the extended price showing with 5 decimals? I agree that if it is the extended price, then it should only be 2 decimals, but if it is the piece price, then it could be 5 decimals. We have parts that are frequently 5 decimal places out for the piece price. When it comes to the extended price, we only show 2 decimals with the extended price rounded up.

Order Qty show 5
Unit Price shows 5
Extended Price shows 5
Discount shows 2
Line Totals and miscellaneous charges shows 5
Order Total shows 5

I am planning to log a support ticket (the day went too fast today). If anyone else feels this is an issue as well I will post the ticket number so you can also report it. I have noticed on a few other tickets for 10.1.500 it helps speed the issue up when multiple users are reporting the same issue.

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Ticket # 3442456ESC has been created with support for this issue.