On time delivery report


I am trying to find or create a report that shows our on time delivery to our customers. does anyone know if epicor comes with a report or has created something?

No. Don’t think so. I had to create the Dispatch in full on time report. I can’t say it is Delivery in full on time report because once the goods are on the truck, it is out of our hands and we do not record the actual delivered date.

Create a BAQ report and compare the Ship By (Sales Order) and the Ship Date (ShipHead)

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Because most companies measure OTD differently, this is best done from a dashboard with your own BAQ.
What dates are we comparing?
Is the whole order either on time or late OR each line?
Do you have grace days?


great thank you

the ship by date, by release we only give our selves 1 day grace period, any thoughts?

You should be able to compare the Release’s ShipByDate to the ShipHead.ShipDate (assuming that your users don’t back date it) though the ShipDtl table in a BAQ then.

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There is an executive dashboard under Executive Analysis > ShopVision, called Customer Shipping Performance. You could run the process that updates the dashboard and then see if the graphs and data look like it will meet your expectations.

We designed our own BAQ and Dashboard. The dashboard also prepares the chart as shown below. If you want I can load it on the site.

Vinay Kamboj

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looks nice,

would you be able to share the BAQ file?

BAQ attached. Version 10.1.600OnTimeShipment.baq (9.5 KB)


this is awesome thank you very much! it worked great

Vinay… would it be possible for you to share a copy of your dashboard as well?

Hi John,

Dashboard Definition attached. Ver 10.1.600.19

Vinay Kamboj

OnTimeShipmentTrackerDashboard.dbd (386.8 KB)

Thanks Vanay. Like it!

Might want to verify your due dates are accounting for lead times.
I’ve seen a couple sites that either add a calculated due date to report/dashboards that is based on Order Date + LeadTime Days + Grace Days
Or start using “Allow Historical Dates” - so they could see if the Order By dates occur in the past.

I remember one site started having discussions with Vendors about chronic lateness only to discover they hadn’t been confirming PO dates were actually allowing enough days. So technically deliveries were late but… not exactly realistic.

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dear Vinay, thanks a lot for sharing !

Hello, I was just asked to do a similar type of report but in SSRS as well. I just tried to open both the BAQ and download the dashboard but I was not able to. If it is okay, would you be able to let me know if I would be able to use these files as well and if so, would you be able to let me know how I would be able to open them, (what software).

Thank you,
Lisa Nichols

You should be able to download the BAQ file and then import it using the BAQ designer. You could also create an SSRS report using the BAQ Report designer using the same BAQ as a datasource.

Keep in mind to use the dashboard you will need to keep the BAQ ID the same as the author created it as (POL-ONTIMESHIPMENT).