Open Print Dialog - force CLASSIC view (versus Kinetic)

E10.2: Is there a way to specify on a form by form basis to open it in classic view versus Kinetic - even if the user has their preferences set to Kinetic? I’ve got customizations on some of the forms and want them to open in classic view.

For example, when the user opens the print dialog to print packing slips, I really don’t care whether that opens in classic or kinetic view. But when they open the Material Tags print dialog (where I’ve got custom code), I want it to open in classic view 100% of the time.

Kevin Simon

It can be done on a user by user basis.

If someone has a mass update I would be interested in learning.

I’m not really looking for a user by user basis. Some users may prefer Kinetic on their forms, that’s why I’m hoping there is an option (customization) that would open certain forms in Classic view.

There’s an option in Menu Maintenance to force the Form to Use. You can select Kinetic, Classic, or User Choice.

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Me too, We noticed that during our 600 tests,

If there is a way in the DB to update all users on NOT using Kinetic version of the print dialog… pls let us know! :pray:


You may try using Kinetic Application Maintenance.
This form used for switch on/off Kinetic view at Menu level.


Ditto - Use Kinetic Application Maintenance and just turn it off where you want to always have it off

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Our Kinetic Application Maintenance window is coming out blank. Any idea why?

I have the same issue - have you resolved this?

Few Reasons:

  1. You don’t have a trusted self-signed cert
  2. You are using a Load Balancer with HTTPS Offloading or something like that, converting https into http traffic internally.

See what you get if you try to access this URL using a Browser:

Same issue. One other point we are a Saas Public client and not sure what issues that might bring about.

One thing to add for reference

Kinetic Screens determine their BASE URL from .sysconfig XML Node HomePageUrl

For example in the screenshot above my Base URL will become

Thanks everyone and holding the alt key and clicking on the options brings up a toggle also. That is how we are supporting it right now as we get a few issues resolved with Kinetic, mostly select all, when using a BAQ for a selection.