Open with functionality happening but user didn't use open with to launch application

I have an odd situation with a user

She opens each screen individually from the recent forms section. Customer Maintenance, Serial Number Tracker and RMA Processing.

When she starts the day, everything is fine and working as expected. But at some point she’ll enter a customer ID in customer maintenance, then enter the serial number they provide in serial number tracker and suddenly (if the serial number belongs to another customer) the customer maintenance screen will populate with the customer data from serial number tracker. It begins functioning like customer maintenance was launched using the open with functionality from serial number tracker. The only way to stop it from happening is to close out of Epicor and relaunch it.

Anyone seen this or have any idea what’s going on?

I cleared her cache to see if that helps…

What if she opens the screens from the actual menu (not recents) or from favorites instead?

So the big picture is.

  1. Customer A exists
  2. Serially Controlled product is sold to, and shipped to Customer A
  3. Customer A sells or transfers the product to Customer X (who is not an existing customer)
  4. Customer X calls for an RMA
  5. A customer entry needs to be created for customer X, so it is. The Customer Maintenance program is left open.
  6. SN Tracker is opened to verify the S/N, and the Customer Maintenance automatically switches from Customer X to Customer A (the customer record that matched the origin S/N assignment).

That correct? And besides being incredibly annoying (it would drive me crazy), does this cause any other issues? (besides the data entry person thinking Cust X is still loaded, and starts to inadvertently make changes to Cust A)

What happens Cust Maint is closed after creating Cust X, before SN Tracker is launched (or has the SN entered) ??

Yes, that’s the big picture

It doesn’t seem to cause any other issues other than, like you said being incredibly annoying and she may start making changes to the wrong customer.

I didn’t get the chance to try anything because she closed everything and Epicor. So I cleared the cache in hopes that that might solve the issue. She’s supposed to call me as soon as it happens again, well, if it happens again…

Customer maintenance isn’t closed after customer x is created. Our customer service people are in these screens and using them, pretty much all day (this time of year).

That is strange and does sound just like the “link” that is created when using “Open With…” I though I remember there being a thread about being able to use Open With, and not have the link created. I know this isn’t what you’re seeing, but could be related in someway or another. If I come across it, Ill add it to this thread.

From what I was told by others who saw it in action, it behaves just like she has used the open with functionality.

I tried searching the site to see if anyone else had the issue, but wasn’t finding much. I know you can hold shift and open the same screen multiple times, but haven’t seen anything about using Open With and not having the link.

Thanks for your help!

Apparently holding CTRL while using Open With will launch the new program and not have it linked to the source.

The fact that the original Cust Maint window is “listening” (i.e. subscribing) to other programs is very weird.

It is extremely weird! Also, thanks for the CTRL info, learned something new today!

so this is NOT intended behavior, and all my years using this product, I have not seen this happen. I am wondering if there is some magical customization or something watching for a value change in a BPM Variable that is triggering the refresh.
The problem is that this issue is unlikely to be fixed if you were to report it because we are no longer fixing the Smart Client. I strongly doubt that this exists in the browser based UI because it was developed on a completely different concept and the right-click is handled differently.

Would enabling trace for that user possibly show anything? You’d think some BO must be being called to serve up the new data to the Cust Maintenance window.

That’s a good idea! I’ll definitely try that if it happens again.

As an update, clearing the client cache seems to have done the trick. It hasn’t happened since…

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With the current state of Kinetic, I find this statement extremely disturbing.

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With the current state of Kinetic, I’d much rather see the effort there than the client. :person_shrugging: