OpenEdge 10.1b Service Pack 3

Does anyone have a copy of SP 3 for OE 10.1b?

I would really, really appreciate it

You need to get the software from epicor. Se cant provide that software, it would be a violation of the licensing agreement.

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Progress won’t provide OE service packs free?


I’m assuming the reason you’re asking this question is because your company doesn’t have a current maintenance agreement with Epicor. If you have a maintenance agreement, the links to download SP3 and then the latest HF for SP3 are below:

I cannot speak to how successful this approach will be, but, you could try the following:

  1. call Progress Support @ 800-999-4599, option 3 for technical support, then option 1, then option 1.
  2. Progress will request your OpenEdge code. On your start menu on your Epicor server, under OpenEdge 10.1b, there is a config link. Open that up and look for the OE Enterprise RDBMS Product name. The serial number they are requesting is for this.
  3. Request a link to the service pack.

Progress delivers hot-fixes/patches/etc via their Customer Support portal, so I suspect it will require a login to receive anything they deliver. I don’t know if the relationship between Progress and Epicor allows for end customers that kind of access. No idea. I’m just a support person that calls them when I need their assistance for customers that have an Epicor maintenance agreement.

If you’re off Epicor maintenance and if anyone asks, I didn’t help you with this…shhhhhh…

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