Operation Complete date vs due date


I am making a ontime operation complete report and was curious if there was a way to see when the operation itself was marked complete? I originally was thinking about using the labordtl table for the clock in date for transaction but that only helps if it was started and completed the same day. It also doesn’t help if it was done over multiple transactions as it duplicates the data.

Any suggestions to track ontime operations versus the operation due date?

Hi Zachary,

Have you considered using the priority dispatch data? This post gives some good info regarding it IMO.


This was about where I got to before I realized I didn’t have the information I needed. I need a way to get the date the operation was completed without duplicating data from labordtl all the dates on the joboper table are nice and all but don’t actually tell me what date it was finished on if the operation is complete.

JobOper has LastLaborDate, so as long as people are not clocking time after an operation is finished then that vs DueDate should get you what you need.

any idea why that field wouldn’t be populating? I had looked at that and its blank for almost everything. If I look at the job in Job Tracker and look at the operations they are marked as completed and have labor transaction data but nothing in the LastLaborDate field.


Out of 800K of JobOper records since 2014 I do have 1538 that do not have LastLaborDate, but they seem to be whole jobs that are empty. Even my backflushed operations have a date.

I did not find anything on EpicCare about LastLaborDate.

You could ask support or just write a bpm to update it when a LaborDtl record is added,

I will submit a ticket to Epicor. Honestly, not really confident I could write a BPM to do that yet, still new to that aspect.

The data is already inbound, so this will be an easy solution.

E10 set last labor date.bpm (15.6 KB)