"Optional" Operations

We have make direct jobs that sometimes include an “optional” operation.

Op10: Punch
Op20: Level (Optional)
Op30: Packaging

At Op10, at the operator’s discretion, we can choose to skip operation 20 and send parts straight to Op30.

I played around with the Next Operation on End Activity but it appears to only change the part’s WIP location and doesn’t do anything to relieve load at the skipped operation, nor show the skipped operation complete.

Anyone out there do something similar?

Hi Eric,

I would consider that whom ever is choosing to skip an operation.
Clock in and out as a minimum
Or add a labor note - why the operation was not done.
Complete the operation to help with automatic closing of jobs.

My thoughts… combine the two operations into one operation described as “Punch & Level”. If they determine that no leveling is required, then they dont do it. If it is needed then they do it. but it is all reported against the one operation 10.