Order Entry negative total with no detail lines!

Hello! This is a weird one… a user was going to create a sales order and just saved the header. No detail lines have been added or charges.

How can there be a negative total!?!!!

We had a similar issue where a line was deleted but a misc charge still remained. The fields you show (Charges, Misc, and Tax) did not add up to equal to the Order Total

It might have been a tax amount. Either way it didn’t show in the fields, but was included in the total. I’ll look through my notes for more details.


Here’s an old thread on it

Thanks! I’ll take a look. The weird thing is if I copy the order the totals become correct. This issue almost caused us to fulfill and invoice the order being 7k off. That’s a huge issue and support is telling me it can’t go to development unless I can reproduce this issue. This happens extremely sporadically, but it shouldn’t happen it all. I may need to write a bpm to due a calculation and if it doesn’t match the total don’t allow the order to be processed, ya know fixing base functionality

I recall finding the entry in one of the tables (escapes me at the moment). So make BAQ’s with OrderHed and each table that relates to it.

I cant find anything :frowning:

Nothing in Orderhed, OrderDtl, BookDtl, GlbCustCred

ok so i added 1 line back to the order and now all of these negative values appear in my query to BookDtl with the order num in question. Values are even there for lines that were deleted

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I think in my case, the lines somehow got marked as Warranty, before being deleted.

It doesn’t make sense tho, all the book changes add up to zero

Hi Jeff,

We have also seen bug where miscellaneous charge got “stuck” on order header data. The bug was when a sales order with a misc charge was copied, and then… get this, copied again (from 2nd copy) we got some bad data in Order header. I did report bug to epicor, they claimed it fixed in 10.1.600.20 (CS0000891225) .

Look in OrderHed fields and check data: TotalMisc, DocTotalMisc, OrderAmt, DocOrderAmt, OrderOpenCredit, CCAmount, CCTotal, CCDocAmount, CCDocTotal


Thanks Nancy,

This was a brand new order, not copied. I have checked all those fields as well and see this:

That is what is throwing the total off. When this order is copied, the new order total is correct.

We are on 10.2.300.15

Were any lines deleted? To verify, all the OrderDtl.LineNum’s should not have any gaps

No, all line numbers are in check:

“Doc” fields should only be different from their non-Doc counter part when currency is used, no?

So CCAmount should always be equal to CCDocAmount, unless an alternate currency was in play.

Do a quick BAQ for OrderHed where CCAmount <> CCDocAmount and see if that has ever happened elsewhere.

We have 271 orders with this issue dating back to 2015 where the currency code is USD. We also use EUR

This is starting to worry me. Don’t invoices go off of the CCdoc amount? We have 271 orders that are under or over by smallish to MASSIVE amounts

the CC prefix means CreditCard, no? Any chance that only part of the order was paid with a CC?

How do CCAmount, CCDocAmount, compare to OrderAmt and DocOrderAmt?

No chance, we don’t even use the Epicor credit card processing module. Our earliest order with this issue dates back to 2015 on 10.1
Here is an example:

one with taxes:

I was just going by the Data Dictionary.


And we don’t process CC’s in Epicor either. Yet we see lots orders with a value in the CC fields.

We have no Orders where CCAmount <> CCDocAmount, nor any where Amount <> DocAmount


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We have a few weird ones in there, per below, many quite old too. Our one with the -8005 on the ccAmt does not show anything but $0 on the sales order entry summary tab. Perhaps yours is probably due to the $ in the ccDocAmt. How you are getting it on a completely new order is very strange though. My customers varied with the weird ones, however I did notice a whole lot of user fooling with pricing/quantities/discounts and sometimes even credit memos and void line thrown in there, when the anomalies occur. Maybe now you know where bad data comes from you can call Epicor support and ask them to send a fix for your data and then you monitor for when it happens again to trace their bug and submit it?