Order Release Address

Been asked to put the Order Release Address on the ship ticket we created. Where in Epicor is the Order Release Address stored?

Note: WE are using a modified Sale Order Acknowledgement for our Ship Ticket. So, the query is the same for Sales Order Acknowledgement and the Ship Ticket.

The data lives in the OrderRel table.

If you are using a Ship To ID, you’ll have to link the Customer ID and Ship To ID for the release to the ShipTo table.

If it’s a One Time Ship the address info is right in the OrderRel table.


complicated question/answer… this depends on whether you use one-time shipto and whether you are using Customer and/or CustomerShipto fields. The data is in OrderRel, but that data needs to be inturpreted based on the onetime flag, and the values in Customer & Shipto fields.

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WE have ours at Order Entry–>Releases–>Detail. Nothing is in the One Time Ship To tab.