(OT) Network Administrator Position

Since I posted some questions regarding networking over the past few weeks
after our Network Administrator quit, I have been contacted by several
people on this list with offers to help us out as contractors. I just
wanted to let you all know that I appreciate it very much, but my boss
actually worked something out just this week with the guy who left to come
in 2-4 hours a day as a 'contractor' until we find a replacement. So, we're
all set for the short-term.

On a side note, if there is anyone on this list looking for a Network Admin
full-time posistion, feel free to send me your resume. I forgot the rules
for posting jobs on this site, but we're in Clinton, Massachusetts, run
windows NT server, citrix server, we have 3 companies, (2-Ma, 1-IL) and are
looking for someone to manage our LAN and WAN (t1 and routers) as well as
handle any and all PC issues at both MA sites. We're looking for someone
with epxerience, but don't want someone who will outgrow the position too
quickly as there are only about 50 local users. If anyone's interested or
wants more infomation, you can email me directly:

(Sorry if that wasn't allowed on the site or if I didn't do it correctly)