Parent Company paying invoices for child companies

I have had this problem with Vantage for many years and feel it is time
Epicor finally addresses it. Please help me (and other companies with
the same problem) by requesting support to fix the problem. My
understanding is that it is still not addressed in 5.2. Please see

Summary: AR Enhancement for cash receipts

Book: Change Requests

Request no.: 6133MPS

Description / Steps to reproduce:


In A/R Cash receipts, the ability to pull up the parent's account and
have all of the parent's and children's invoices and credit memos
displayed to select for payment application.


We have several incidences where our customers have multiple plants and

each of these plants to be their own bill to.

But, the main parent company pays the bills for all companies and
includes multiple companies on one check. The only way to apply the cash
receipts is to add up each company's invoices and enter this amount as
the check amount. This creates an audit trail problem of not having the
cash receipt check amount matching the actual check amount. Another
problem that it creates is company A has a credit memo and the parent is
only paying invoices for company B & C and including the credit memo for
company A. This creates a big audit problem by having to adjust out the
credit memo from company A and creating a new credit memo in Company B
or C so it could be used towards the payment of their invoices even
thought it's not their credit! A real nightmare if you ever need to
investigate and/or back tracks this!! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:

Version: 4.0 & 5.0 & 5.1

De Anna Godfrey

McNeal Enterprises, Inc.

408.922.7290 <>

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