Part alert

Is there a way to put an alert on a part to let customer service rep know that a part needs to be ordered with another part before they can place order? Or at the time of order entry?

I think you are referring to COMPLEMENT parts… if that is the case, then yes, you can go into the Part Entry and go to the ALTERNATE parts (not alternate methods… that is something else). You can create a list of alternate parts, and specify that they are COMPLEMENT parts.
To do this, FIRST you add complement part number(s) (one or many).

Then, in the Sales Order Entry program, after you enter the one part number, a BUTTON highlights on the screen for the Complement part:

When you press the button, you will get a screen that asks you to order the complementary parts.

Of course one additional way to solve this is with SALES KITS… you create a part number that groups all the parts that need to be added to the sales order. when you sell the kit, you actually sell multiple items.