Part attachments automatically getting attached in method

I see I am not the first person who has questioned Epicor’s handling of attachments on parts.

From what I can tell, if you have an attachment on a part, and you use that part as a material within the BOM, then any attachments on the part will automatically get added to the BOM. But if you update the attachment on the part it does NOT update the attachment on the BOM. Does anyone know if there is documentation somewhere of which attachments get copied where/when? It’s quite time consuming to try to validate exactly how this works and be sure I am not missing anything.

We can’t be the only company that has ever struggled with this? It seems like the only way to keep the attachments in sync between the part and the method of manufacturing is to only update attachments by using the exact same file name/location so the pointer points to the same attachment in both places. I don’t know how that could possibly be enforced. Either that or what support says - just redo all your BOMs every time the attachment changes on the part. lol.

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Hi Alisa,

This is what we do. We use the exact same filename regardless of revision for our Epicor Attachments. It works fairly well for us.
When the attachments are made in Epicor they get copied to our Epicor attachment repository. For our drawings, we use AutoCad Vault to maintain our revision history on Acad drawings, so Epicor is not doing that. Nightly, any changed drawings from vault get copied to Epicor attachment repository, so if a drawing was attached to a part 3 years ago and we updated it yesterday using Vault to checkin/checkout, Epicor will have the latest attached one this morning.
Then when system sometimes has attachment in a bom or job, sometimes not, it doesn’t matter. It’s always the latest revision attached in Epicor.


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