Part BOM

We have 1 issue hope to clarify,

Let say we have 1 part IUM in KG.

And for calculation, we set this material require 100KG in BOM.

But for our actual practice, we will use more than it and we can’t get an accurate figures.

The material usage will affected by the temperature, human mistake or others incident.

So for this case, if we set it 100KG, we should issue 100KG into Jobs too.

But the actual usage will got variant.

For this kind of uncertain usage issue, please advise us the best solution.

Currently we exclude it from the BOM,

And we issue misc. material out in order to have a correct inventory count.

The disadvantage is we don’t have actual JOB cost information.

Hello @anon51084001 ,
Can the variant be determined ? may be an approximate percentage.
If yes, then you may try using the “Scrap”

I would Kanban the item and control it externally from Epicor.