Part Inspection Required flag not flowing to POs

Has anyone tried to set the Inspection Required flag on a part and had it flow to the PO? I see where it works if I check the Inspection Required flag for either the Part Class or Supplier, but we would like to also set it on the part level. I have added a checkbox for Part.RcvInspectionReq to my Part Maintenance form but that isn’t flowing to the PO when I add the part. I have seen that there was an Epicor Enhancement that was in process last year but I don’t know if that has been implemented (we are on 10.2.600). Have I picked the wrong field or is this just not working in Epicor?

I haven’t tried looking into it recently, but I’ve always had to write a BPM to send that value to the PO (and to make the field Read-Only if the Part’s value is set to true).