Part Number schemes

This is just one more idea that has been in place here for a long, long
time. We're a job shop and have jobs that can be completed in short periods
of time and others that last months.

We have 4 digit customer numbers, 6650 for example.
The parts we sell/make for them are mostly specific to them, and are
sequential (6650-001 )
The new employees find this a little confusing, but get the hang of it

Purchased products are a little different. We use a suffix at the end of
the above number
to designate materials purchased for the shop to machine, and they are
sequential too,
(6650-001-M01) We also use a different suffix if the customer has consigned
material to make their parts, and we track that material in Vantage as we
would any other material.

For shop supplies and such we use an 6 digit inventory number with a
description. You can
categorize them in sections, 010000 office supplies, 060000 shop
supplies, 320000 mill tooling, 770000 inserts, that kind of thing.
Purchasing assigns them and has the master list. Then the description says
what you need. In "Price List", you give vendor specific information which
shows up as the first line in the printed PO. It is conceivable that many
vendors can offer the same product, and can change their offering and part
so I keep that out of the description. Finally, we had a new addition to
the list: 800000 was not in use and was applied for items such as hardware
or other components purchased for a job but not for machining. They are
easy to recognize as purchased for that purpose.

The drawback is leftover bar stock. We don't handle this well at all. We
recently tried a new method, but found we couldn't segregate the mil spec.
"AMS ????" was too many characters to add on the basic material call out.
718 Inco 3" dia or Nitronic 50 1.75" dia. So we have reverted back to the
old method.

This may not work for others, but works well here. Use the various search
options discussed in other postings on the same subject. With this method
the actual part number is not of huge importance, the descriptive info is.

another 2 cents.

Rhonda Sherer, Reeder & Kline

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