Part Numbering

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I have a question on how people handle this situation.
I have a an internal part number 123.
My supplier A supplies this part, but there can be multiple suppliers for this part.
Would you create multiple internal part numbers for the same item but different for each supplier?
Or is there a way to have one internal part number and just select from multiple suppliers when ordering.

I think you can manage this using supplier price lists


As @aosemwengie1 said, yes you can apply multiple supplier part numbers to the same internal part. In fact you can go one level deeper and assign a manufacturer and manufacturer pet number to a supplier part. This means that you can have your part 123 that points to 3 different suppliers. Those three suppliers could actually have more than one part number that point to the end manufacturer parts. This is especially important in electronics where there are a small number of manufacturers but a large number of distributors whom you buy from.

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