Parts going into inspection processing

Epicor version 9.05.701

One of our subsidiaries are complaining that they are getting parts going into inspection processing (the module, not the warehouse)

"Production management; Quality Assurance; General Operations; Inspection Processing;
Click on the binoculars to do a search, uncheck all and check PO receipts and click on search."

I looked at the following:

  1. The relevant purchase order is not ticked “inspection required” on the line detail.
  2. The receipt entry line is not ticked “inspection required”.
  3. The supplier setup is not ticked “inspection required”.

So, why could it be doing it?..the other subsidiaries are working fine…so it maybe a tick box somewhere?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Did you check the part class?

Bryan DeRuvo

I’ve just checked…in the subsidiary they are all unticked.

Long shots here…

  1. Do you have the Enhanced Quality module? If so check in part entry under Revisions > Inspection > Supplier. If a supplier is setup there and ‘Force Inspect All Receipts’ is enabled, that might be the issue.
  2. Do you have any Qualified Manufactures setup for this part? You can check from Part Maintenance from Actions > Qualified Manufactures. If one is configured then check the Manufacturer Part tab, there is a checkbox there that forces inspection if the PO has the part to be sourced from that MFG with that MFG Part.
  3. What is the Transaction Type code in Part Transaction History that put this part into inspection? PUR-INS? or something else?


  1. No, we don’t have the enhanced quality module.
  2. I looked at one of the parts in question, but nothing listed in qualified manufacturer maintenance.
  3. I would have assumed PUR-INS, but that doesn’t seem to be the case…it seems there isn’t one…see screenshot below.

Ok, hang with me here…
Double check your user:

  1. Part Tracker: under ‘Locations’ > ‘Inspection’ is anything there? (I’m guessing not)
  2. Part Tracker: under ‘Bins’ is there anything in a Bin that someone could ‘think’ is inspection?

I have had several users complain about things going into Inspection, but there were not in inspection, just in the default inspection bin. Inspection is an inventory state, not a location.

Here is an example:
Inspection bin in Site setup is set to ‘1INSP’
1INSP happens to be the first bin sequentially in warehouse bin setup.
The part does not have a primary bin configured.
When the receipt is processed the user click ‘Set Location’ which tries to use the part’s primary bin,but if none is setup it uses the first bin in that warehouse’s list… 1INSP
This is common when a new part is setup and a primary part is not setup.
I also had someone change the default receipt bin to the ‘inspection bin’ thinking that would force everything into inspection… but of course it just rec’d everything into an inventory bin that everyone interpreted as inspection.

  1. Your right, nothing in part tracker/part locations/

  2. Unlikely as we don’t have warehouses that are named like that in that subsidiary…for eg…the part H1165, there are a quantity of 8 sat in the “Main warehouse” - that is it.

I understand your reasoning with this though.

I was referring to the Bin, not the warehouse, check the Bin on hand tab.

Sorry. I did both…the bin is simply C4B

So why do they think it’s in inspection? What are they seeing that is giving them this impression?

When you follow this it returns 52 rows…and they are telling me they shouldn’t be there:

“Production management; Quality Assurance; General Operations; Inspection Processing;
Click on the binoculars to do a search, uncheck all and check PO receipts and click on search.”

is there possibly a BPM that is forcing the items to goto inspection?

I was thinking the same thing, but if a BPM is in place then why isn’t a PartTran with ???-INS being generated.

You may want to run a BAQ against the PartTran, only filtering say the PartNum field and check and make sure you don’t have any TranType values that are null or some odd value.

I have had a few issues in the past with the TranType not being a valid value and not showing up in PartTran. I know I’ve seen is in E10 (seems random,where the PORel.TranType = the part number or some other odd value) this then causes the Receipt to inherit the same value and then the PartTran too. I thought I saw this a few times in E9 too, but I’m not sure.

We have seen the bad Tran-Type with the part in there too Rick. 10.0.700.4

Mark W.

Any chance the parts are purchase direct to job and the Inspection Required is checked on the Job / Material / Detail?


Do you have a test copy of the db that you can follow the part thru the process. Open the PO and verify the inspection checkbox is not set. Do another receipt on the line/release to verify the Inspection required is checked.

I don’t follow the dates in your screen shots. You have a pur-stk on 5/8 for 2, but the date in inspection processing is 5/22 for a quantity of 1.

Apologies for no reply… I’ll try and get back to this either tomorrow or Monday

so, a bit of an update…a bpm isn’t in use.
the parts were correctly received in (in the normal process) but these “ghost” rows have appeared he that don’t have a transaction ID.

Is there a TABLE for inspection pending transactions?

Hey @Rowley150, i think, the company configuration has the setup for Default warehouses.While receipt entry,your receiving bin was definitely selected as inspection bin,no matter "Inspection required " was unticked.Co-incidently ,i have found the similar issue at today morning.
Please recheck in the test, whether it is selecting “INSPECTION” Bin while receiving the “No inspection required” material.

Yes, check RcvDtl table and check whether InspectionPending field is true or false for each individual receipt.