Parts in part master and parts on sales order line

In order entry, a user is able to enter Part/Rev and Description which don’t exist in part master. This non existing part in master causes invoicing/billing issues. I have several questions on the part and customer part entries for a sales order line:
(1) Why does Epicor allow a user to input a non existing part?
(2) For an existing part in master, there is a description for each part already. What the description entry in a sales order line is used for?
(3) What the Customer part is used for?

Please help. Thank you.


(1) There are many organizations that don’t require a Part Master record for everything they sell. It may be a one-off item that you’ll never make again, it may be a configured item, or any number of other reasons. (2) When a part number exists in the Part Master, it is required to have a description. If you create a Sales Order Line for a non-existing part, you are required to enter a Description on the Sales Order Line. That description, whether you type it in or it comes from the Part Master, appears on the Sales Order Acknowledgement, Packing Slip, and AR Invoice. (3) If your customer has their own part number that cross-references to yours, you can show that by entering their cross-reference part number in the Customer Part field.

When you’re in the Order Entry program on the Lines tab, if you click inside the Customer Part field and then go to Help > Field Help you’ll get a good description of how that field is used. You can do that with any of the fields on the form.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Ernie. We used a non inventory part (a one-off item), but we’ve got an error when invoicing the pack slip.

Business Log Error.
Object referred not set to an instance of an object.

Can you provide the full exception details?
And also which version of the ERP you are running, it could be a bug.

Our company has a BPM that doesn’t allow an order to be closed until the part exists. We allow the part to be entered, then wait for the part to be entered in Parts.


Would you be willing to share that BPM?

How does it work with Invoicing?

Looks like I mis-remembered which area the check was done, it’s done when the order is created from an opportunity/quote. So it would be before invoicing. For this pre-proccessing BPM we just set the button value to the quote number, then did custom code:

Thanks!! Unfortunately we don’t use the quoting module yet. I’m going to see if I can convert that use invoicing though. Do you push a button to run the code and process the quote?

as @MLamkin said, companies that want to disallow this FEATURE of Epicor will typically create a BPM to prohibit it. If you are getting an error during shipping/invoicing when using a Part On The Fly (POTF) that does not exist in the part master, then you should report it to Tech Support.

@timshuwy I understand what you’re saying. We want to warn users when they enter a part that doesn’t exist in part master.