Parts not sold in the last year

How can I see parts that have not sold in the last year?

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My thought would be a BAQ with Part vs PartTran… tran types MFG-CUS, STK-CUS, etc.

Use TranDate to filter.


BAQ/Dashboard, Invoice detail inner joined to header. Group on part, MAX Invoice Date. Something like that could work too.

^^ Any takers on the reference? huh huh?

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I wish I got into this.

There is a slow moving stock report which I think does what @dcamlin’s BAQ would do. Do an Provisioning code like below. In addition to slow moving there is Excess and Aging, but I don’t know the difference.


Many thanks Greg

I agree there is more than one way to skin this cat.

FWIW we use the PartTran method mentioned by @dcamlin but I think all 3 options mentioned here are viable.