Pass parameters to embedded dashboard?

I’ve got a complicated BAQ that won’t work with filtering, needs parameters. My users would like this as an embedded dashboard. They would prefer not to have to enter the parameters when the dashboard BAQ is run. What is the best way to do this currently?

Ways I know of:

  1. Make a simpler BAQ with no parameters, that can be filtered via dashboard browse. Add that to dashboard as a tracker, then publish the results and use them as parameters for the main BAQ. Each parameter passed via dashboard browse needs its own BAQ. Eg for 3 parameters, 3 filtered BAQs and one main BAQ. On the dashboard, hide the simple BAQ trackers and only show the main BAQ results.

  2. Use code/BPMs to pass parameters through eg the UDCode table. Join that table in the BAQ and limit results with criteria. Dashboard Pass Silent Parameters to BAQ - #16 by dkavvouras

Both are pretty complex… so before I dive in - Is there a simpler way to pass data from the screen to the embedded dashboard main BAQ? Thanks!

Terry - Dashboards can subscribe to multiple pieces of data that can be used as filters on a single BAQ. You already note the publish to dashboard browse (single value) but the dashboard can subscribe to multiple values using a dashboard tracker search panel where the fields on the Search panel are “like” the data fields published from the UI. If you are not able to configure a Search to satisfy the complex BAQ criteria and you still need to use parameters, you may be able to use the Search panel technique so you only need 1 simpler BAQ to publish parameter values to your Complex BAQ (slightly simpler form of your option 1).

Ok thanks Rich this is helpful confirmation. So no direct way to pass the parameter. Option 1 is probably best. I’ll look into the Search Panel options.