Passing Parameter to print BAQ Report from Purchase Order Entry

Hi All, what I am trying to do is a PO Draft Report. To help you all understand better I will explain more of what I have already done.

Basically I have already create the BAQ Report that will print the PO Draft.

Before this, I have only venture to adding BAQ Reports into a new Menu and then just add an option or filter for the report, but now I would like to link the BAQ Report to the Purchase Order Entry.

I manage to copy the Print PO Tool button and its event to create a second button call Print PO draft. In the copied event I set it to call the Print PO Draft button and changed the event Parameter view to call out the BAQ report with the Ice.UIRpt.

I can successfully call out the window for printing that report BUT it is still using the options to pass parameter.

I believe it is the launch Option in event that is controlling how to pass the parameter (This was also copied from the PrintPOTool button).

So, my question what do I need to modify in the BAQReport and the Launch Options for it to pass the PO Number to the BAQReport to print?

:laughing:I found a solution from the 2 links below just for anyone’s other reference: How to call BAQ Report from Epicor Main Screen and Pass the Value - #5 by Thameem_Ansari

Thanks to all the users in the posts above :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: