Paychex Interfacing

HI, expert.

We decided using Paychex for Payroll.
All terminal for clock in/out set up but did not turn off Payroll module in Vantage(8.03 405A). So users need to clock in/out both paychex terminal and Vanatge.

Paychex does not communicate with Vantage currently since we did not complete Interface steps.If internet is down, there is no backup data which Paychex can communicate for Clock in/out.

We assigned IP for each termianl but we do not have any server for Paychex. Is there any experts who can share any idea using third party payroll(PayChex)?
We are manufacturing company.
Now, Paychex saying we can update labor rate thru their Web. how about Vanage Payroll rate which is using job cost?

Thank you,